Camilla Armada - Casual Jacket With Pockets


Layered with wild odes and opulent details, the Armada Long Casual Jacket With Pockets envelops the skin with swirls of grey leopard print, gold ornate detailing and baroque accents. Crafted from signature CAMILLA silk, this luxury layer sports a relaxed slimline silhouette, neck bands dipped in hand-embellished crystals, pocket functionality and a curved hemline that shapes at the leg.

- Armada Long Casual Jacket With Pockets
- Armada embodies the ornate details that defined Spanish architecture, taking inspiration from our archived El Duende collection
- Soft animal print with ornate golden details
- Camilla layer
- Elevated casual wear
- Summer jacket
- Mixed woven and jersey fabric detail
- Jersey sleeve with back panel
- Pockets
- Crystal embellishment


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