Outfit 1 1/4/2014

Hi Honeys and welcome to our very 1st Blog post. I will keep it very short and sweet today for fear of April Fools Day reprisals.  Today I am featuring the amazing Lamby Vest by one of my favourite designers, Michelle Barry and of course I must make mention of Emmie, who in the Box on Rokeby, create the most amazing garments of which I am extremely lucky to be able to stock at my special place (HONEY)...  Also featured are the beautiful print shirt by Rabens Saloner and another pair of incredible jeans by LTB Australia.  Model 2 is happily wearing a dress by Rabens Saloner and a long line 100% Merino Wool Cable knit Cardi in Winter White, ironically by Cable Melbourne, and best of all Australian Made. Best Wishes for a wonderful day.  Fiona xxx :)



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